Witch’s Broom Process

Today I have had a crack at processing the Witch’s Broom data using the trial version of PixInsight. PixInsight is not immediatley intuitive and I would say that Harry Page’s excellent video tutorials (http://www.harrysastroshed.com) are pretty much essential. The package does an excellent job stacking images and cleaning up colour casts and gradients – and being able to work in a non-destructive way on the image is particularly helpful.

Whilst prcessing the image I had a play with the SCNR green cast reduction tool – which promptly removed the green colour from the OIII channel in addition to the background leaving an electric blue colour – I think it actually looks pretty good – so I have left it in. Since the image is in essence false colour anyway – I think that gives a little licence for artistic interperetation…

Witchs Broom



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