Job Done

So todays trip to theĀ  International Astronomy show inevitably ended witht the purchase of a CCD camera. After much musing I settled on a 6MP mono camera from Starlight Xpress. I was touch and go as to whether to go for one of the larger 8.3MP Kodak chipped cameras, but in the end I decided to sacrifice the extra field of view for the newer more sensitive Sony chip. I am also a big believer in buying local and Starlight Xpress are only about an hours drive away – and by all accounts have excellent support in the event of technical problems.

In addition to the camera I also purchased a filter wheel and set of LRGB filters and OIII and SII narrowband filters. The all important Hydrogen Alpha filter was out of stock so I will have to wait on that one.

Here is how the new setup is looking. You’ll note that the camera and filter wheel have added 2 more USB cables and a power cable into the mix – so cable management is starting to become more of a challenge. I have found that the counter weights are a good place to run them down to avoid them snagging as the telescope slews around.


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