Crescent Nebula

Fifth Clear night in a row. Sleep deprivation setting in now. Cygnus is still perfectly situated for me – so this time I went after another one of its finest – the Crescent nebula. My lack of Hydrogen Alpha filter is a bit of an issue here as this Nebula is not a big omitter of OIII and even less so SII – so I will be forced to go for a tradidtional RGB colour image and risk the milky way star field overwhelming the nebulosity.

This image is a combination of 9*5 minute exposures each of Red, Green and Blue with another 4*10 minute Luminosity (clear). I could really do with more Luminosity frames to help reduce the noise – but I think I will come back to this target when I have the Ha filter.

I have been struggling a bit stretching the raw data with photoshop, so this image has been processed using a trial version of Pixinsight following Harry Page’s tutorials. Seems to work well – thogh I’m going to start again as I have some funny artifacts in the middle of the brighter stars.

I will also take another night of OIII as I believe there is a funky pale blue blanket that sits around the nebula – I understand it is quite tough to capture though.

Crescent Nebula

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