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Eastern Veil Process

Here is a more thorough process of the Eastern Veil shot earlier this month.┬áIt soon became clear that more data is required for a truly clean result – as once I I had removed subs […]

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Witch’s Broom Process

Today I have had a crack at processing the Witch’s Broom data using the trial version of PixInsight. PixInsight is not immediatley intuitive and I would say that Harry Page’s excellent video tutorials ( are […]

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Crescent Nebula

Fifth Clear night in a row. Sleep deprivation setting in now. Cygnus is still perfectly situated for me – so this time I went after another one of its finest – the Crescent nebula. My […]

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First CCD Project – first real data.

So, time for the first project – and with Cygnus currently rising over the back of the house just after darkness (~22:30) I’m not short of options. Cygnus hosts a number of the sky’s most […]

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MaximDL TheSkyX and EQMOD

Well last night was the first attempt at using the Starlight Xpress camera – and it was predictably frustrating. First off – the sky was not clear by any stretch of the imagination – but […]

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