My name is Dominic Bramley, and since my honeymoon to the Canadian Rockies in 2010 I have been passionate about photographing spectacular landscapes.

Whilst living in a city centre and working full time as an IT Consultant, the vast majority of my photography has been confined to brief holiday periods – and as is evident from my porfolio, Canada has been a recurring theme.Recently I have moved to the New Forest and fully expect that this unique region will form an increasingly large part of my portfolio.For me the most enjoyable aspect of landscape photography is that it motivates me to be in the most beautiful places at the best of times – when the tourists have all gone – and you are on your own to enjoy the morning or evening sun.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D800E camera, a mixture of Nikon / Zeiss lenses and Lee filters.

Since my move to the Forest, I have, under dark skys, rediscovered a childhood love of astronomy – and so inevitably I have begun a new and exciting foray into the world of Astro-Imaging. I have been pretty pleased with my early efforts at this – but there is no doubt it is a particularly challenging pursuit – so I will endeavour to try and keep the blog page updated to chart my progress…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photographs and feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about them.