Monthly Archives: July 2013


Heart Nebula

A stack of 7 10 minute Ha exposures of the Heart Nebula in the constellation of Cassiopeia. (click on image for full res)

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Cygnus Wall – more data

After 2 more nights now of clear but fairly hazy conditions I have managed to capture a bit more data including some SII. The result is that the Cygnus image is starting to come together.  […]

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The Cygnus Wall

Another night of data to add to the North American Nebula from the last post, creating a two frame mosaic revealing more of the yellow stripe of gas, that I have since realised is the […]

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First HST

During this awesome weather we are experiencing I have been able to further work on refining the automation of the scope and collect a fair amount of data. I have had little inclination however to […]

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